• vmcSelect

    Vendor Management Solution

    vmcSelect is a feature rich, fully configurable, Real Estate Vendor Management Portal or Direct Integration Solution that enables a Bank or Credit Union to manage all their valuation/title vendors from a single point of access; any Vendor, any Service, Securely.

    You outsource your title, appraisal, flood or closing services to your approved vendors which you've already vetted and established relationships with. Our solution provides the technology to allow you to better manage, track and audit their services and performance.

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  • Your Vendors, Your Relationships

    Every lender has guidelines and procedures in place for approving all their vendor choices and we provide the technology that enables a lender to better manage these choices; unifying the lender and their vendors through better communication, follow-up, performance, security and compliance.

    Managing Vendors Made Simple

    vmcSelect makes the process of managing, adding, modifying or deleting vendors and the services they provide, quick, effortless and immediate. An added layer of accountability and compliance is achieved using our integrated reporting module which evaluates any data that passes through the system.

    Nobody Does It Better

    vmcSelect has much more to offer than any other service in the market today and our flexibility, feature set and support are unmatched. Never compromise as we customize our application to adapt to your needs, not just now but as you grow, expand or when your processes and/or procedures change.

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