Portal Features

From A Single Interface

If you currently have 10 appraisal companies, 8 title providers, 3 AVM and 4 Flood providers, that's 25 possibilities for ordering and tracking orders. 25 Web Sites, user names, passwords, fax numbers, etc.

vmcSelect eliminates all this confusion by providing a single interface for all of your vendors, regardless of their technology, location, service they provide or method they choose to communicate with you.

You submit the order, we take care of the rest!

Managed Service

vmcSelect is a managed service with no hardware or software to install. Located within our secure, state-of-the-art datacenter, access is provided to both the lender and their vendor choices via a standard web browser or direct integration with their Loan Origination Software (LOS) via XML.

We understand that every lender is different; their business model, terminology, software, etc., and we provide each with a custom solution that meets their individual needs. Using a profile-based approach we create a unique and individualized experience, enabling only the features necessary to meet the scope of a specific project. A single profile can be used for the entire organization, individual profiles for each employee or branch, or a combination of both; the lender has complete control.

A robust workflow notification system provides real-time awareness of the status of each order and user profiles control the notification process. A basic or extremely complex solution can be deployed based upon a lenders needs, and changes are simple and immediate.

Document Repositories are used to encrypt, secure and store all orders, communication and attachments that are processed by the system. We never remove or archive any document unless directed by our client, providing complete on-demand access to all your loan files and documents for accounting, audit and compliance purposes. Search by any field on the order to immediately find your files, whenever you need them.

An open architecture approach to development makes adding or modifying features quick, efficient and eliminates long development cycles. Prior to any production release, your solution is thoroughly tested in our development environment eliminating any potential cut over issue and no change is ever made without the knowledge and consent of the client. Due to our template-based design, we can improve our system without affecting any of our clients; providing updates to only those clients that require them.

Rules Based Ordering, Dodd-Frank Compliance, Security, Scalability, Integration, Event Notifications, Redundancy, and much more to come.