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Integrating Lenders or Vendors: The process of adding new vendors or services can be a significant roadblock for a lender. Whether security related, development and resource restrictions, or the inability of your Loan Origination System (LOS) to integrate, all could prevent a lender from adding a new vendor or service that could give them an edge in the market.

As new services are offered or as new vendors become available that provide better pricing and/or service, a lender must have the ability to quickly and effortlessly access these resources. Roadblocks are eliminated through seamless integration solutions between the lender and their vendor choices.

Integration is the process of automating the communication between a lender and a vendor. Once a lender integrates with vmcSelect, adding new vendors or services can be done in minutes. Full or partial integration services are offered to the lender providing streamlined ordering and follow-up direct from their loan origination platform. Standard international protocols allow us the ability to integrate with any system on any platform with no modifications to a lenders existing infrastructure. We can also integrate with vendors providing a direct point-to-point connection between a lender and their vendor choices.

Transactions are sent using various methods or processes (Web Services, http Post, etc.), and each is logged for audit, tracking and support purposes. This ensures the integrity of the information and data being passed. Complete XML specifications are provided and our "best in class" support is provided before, during and after the implementation is complete. We also provide, free of charge, a complete development environment for both the lender and their vendors for testing purposes.

We can map any field in the lenders LOS or any field in the vendor's application to any field within the vmcSelect application and can provide additional custom fields for use in reporting or when using our Rules Based Ordering. These fields and their values are never sent to the vendor and are only used for the purposes as defined by you.

Integration provides the most secure and efficient method of communication between a lender and their vendor choices, but the option to implement a manual web-based system is available as well. vmcSelect provides the flexibility to start small, then modify your environment in the future as your business model, needs or systems change.