Portal Features

Notifications and Awareness

The vmcSelect e-mail notification module is an event driven notification process, alerting a lender or vendor any time a predefined process or change occurs. Notifications are specific to each user profile so a lender can define separate notifications for every user, based upon different events.

Notifications are applied to a profile and specific to a service type (Title, Appraisal, Flood, Closing, etc.). E-mail lists can be defined that contain multiple people for group notification. Labels can be configured for uploaded file types and have different notification actions assigned to each. Selecting an e-mail address when placing an order can be automatic, mandatory or optional whereby the user is presented with a drop down list of available recipients. The number of e-mail addresses associated with an e-mail list is unlimited.

An event is a process associated with a service type or file label, and when such defined event occurs, a notification is generated to the addresses(s) selected on the order.

The lender controls the information that is sent in the subject line of the notification. This helps the recipient when looking for a specific order or response. They also have complete control over the information that is contained in the body of the e-mail.

Included in the body of the e-mail, if configured, is a secure link back to the original order on the web, providing a quick and efficient method of accessing the order. If the recipient clicks the link, they are prompted for their username and password and once authenticated the order opens to the specific item.

Notifications can also include any file that is associated with the event, as a file attachment. This feature and the file attachment size limitations can be controlled by the lender using a profile, controlling extremely large files from being sent via e-mail. When this setting is used, if a file exceeds the threshold, the user is notified in the e-mail that the file has exceeded the limit and a secure link to the file is provided instead.

Transaction based logging is used for all e-mail generated by our system, providing a complete history and audit trail based on the creation, sending, delivery and response of each e-mail communication between a lender and their vendors.