Portal Overview

We were the first!

Industry First: In 1991 we were the first to provide a true online ordering system using "bulletin board " software called Worldgroup, that we redesigned for our use. It allowed our clients to connect to our servers via a modem to place and review their orders.

Industry First: In 1998 we were the first to provide live instant messaging capabilities to our clients from our website, using Lotus Sametime. Now using LiveAgent, we continue to be the only company in our industry providing this service.

Fees and Pricing

We do not charge the lender/client for ANY fees associated with the setup of their account or integration with their Loan Origination System. We do not require ANY long term contracts as we beleive it is our responsibility to earn your business every day and should we fail to do so, it should be your option to leave at any time and our clients never leave! You set the deadlines for the project and we will meet them; our team of implementtion specialists have never missed a deadline.

If a lender uses our "rules based ordering module", they have the ability to manage their rules themsleves or we can manage them for them for a monthly fee that is based on many factors, including but not limited to volume and complexity of the rules.

A transaction is a single order that is placed by a lender for a service by a vendor that the vendor accepts.Once the vedor accepts the order, the transaction is valid and a transaction charge is billed to the vendor. Transaction charges are negotiated between vmcSelect and the lender, but paid for by the vendor. Transaction fees vary but we are guaranteed to be the lowest in the industry and have no hidden fees. Each order is a transaction and can have unlimited files attached to it or coorespondance associated with it and no addtional charges will apply.

We also offer intergartion for the vendors, creating a completely transparent and efficient order and completion process, and we treat them as though they were our client. Providing the same industry leading support staff and engineers to ensure that the job is done right. Fees do apply when integrating vendors depending on the complexity of the job.