Portal Overview

How we treat your vendors

Vendors are as important to the success of our business as our clients, and we are committed to providing them the same level of support and response as we would a client. We do everything we can to meet their deadlines as it relates to integration and setup and continue to receive priase from the vendor community for our quality of support.

Client Setup

The client setup really depends on the scope of the project. We spend a significant amount of time in the discovery process so that we completely understand; 1. your expectiations, 2. your challenges, and 3. how we can meet your expectations and solve your challenges without compromise.

Realistically a client that wants to use the web interface only, could be setup within a couple of hours and using the system the same day. More complex scenarios can take time but the client sets the deadline and it is our challenge to meet it.

The amount of customization from email notification settings, to field labels, to worklfow, can be as simple or as complex as the lender would like. We can create a unique user interface that is consistent with the programs your people use on a daily basis.

Vendor Setup

The lender provides us with contact information for each of the vendors they would like to be activated on the portal. We rely on the lender to communicate to them of their intent. Each vendor will receive a setup package and contract for their review. vmcSelect provides contact and support information should they have questions, need clarification or assistance. A vendor has two setup choices, manual or integrated and both offer identical feature sets. Larger national companies typically opt for the integrated approach, while smaller companies may choose to use the web. If a vendor chooses an integrated approach, a one-time setup fee is charged to the vendor depending on the project but there is no charge for setup of a manual account.

Our vendor integration provides the same flexibility as that with the lender as any method can be used for communication and integration. We have tested most of the common inetrgation methods so a vendor is not looked into a single method making our process quick and efficient.